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business hours :

Every day : 8:00AM to 7:00PM

where are we?

4146 NW 31st Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32605

contact us :

Tel USA: (+1) 352-505-1247
Serbia: (+381) 60-505-1247
Email: nem@ndnlogic.com


We provide quality web applications

Leverage the benefits of web applications - Available to your employees and customers anytime, anywhere, deliver seamless upgrades, connect with social networks and access advanced analytics and tracking.

Mobile applications

Android, iPhone, Tablets and Windows Phone applications that integrate with your existing systems and provide superior convenience to your customers and users.

Graphic & web design

Web sites, logos, corporate branding that are uniquely designed to fit your budget and your needs.
Service Price
Web development $85/hr
Web design $ 50/hr
Mobile app development $ 85/hr
Graphic design $ 65/hr

* Terms and conditions - Prices may depend on many other factors. The table abouve provides an average price. Contact us for more information. All of our services are carried out by trained and experienced professionals who have a genuine passion. You can trust us to do nothing but the finest work for you.


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